TrendRUNNER – Limits risk & boosts potential

TrendRUNNER is a simple but brilliant MT4 EA to boost your trading performance. Successful trading is about limiting your risk and protecting your drawdowns. Instead of placing your whole order size in one go and taking on the risk that the market moves against you and causes large losses, TrendRUNNER allows you to simply program entry criteria and then scales you in to your final position by adding smaller trades as the trade goes in your favour while only meaning you have a small exposure if the trade goes against you.

You can be a hugely profitable trader just by only getting half your trades correct so long as you lose less on the bad trades than you make on your winning trades.

By using TrendRUNNER you could almost turn trading into a toss of a coin!!

TrendRUNNER will work on any market in your MT4. Just drag the EA to your chosen chart to open the controls, set your base criteria of deal size, pips between each trade, total number of pips to run and distance of trailing stop then simply get ready to hit either Buy or Sell and TrendRUNNER will simply scale you in to a position, increasing your deal size as the trade moves more and more in your favour.

If the market moves against you then it’ll auto close and stop ready to go again. When it reaches the limit of its run it will auto stop, close and bank all profits and reset ready to go again. And at any time you can hit the ‘BANK’ button and cash in on a trade and be ready to capture another market move in nanoseconds.

TrendRUNNER removes the fear of holding too much exposure and the fear of getting the market wrong.

Trade any market.

Use with any signal, alert or trade idea.