Minimise Losses

Run Profits


Trading your EA alerts, signal service, the market open or news events smarter


Your Signals, Alerts, Ideas, EAs traded via TrendRUNNER to your broker.

TrendRUNNER is a unique MT4 EA to scale you into a position via reduced trade sizes to take advantage of a short, medium or long term market trend while minimizing your trade risk. Or used to build larger positions progressively. It’s not a black box or algo but a trade management tool and works alongside EAs designed to produce trade signals, any signal provider, or your own trades.


TrendRUNNER does not produce signals, alerts or analysis like other EAs but is a very simple yet powerful trade entry tool that has been used by professional traders since 2005 to scale into positions, protecting downside risk.


Set your trade parameters then simply wait until you feel the market is on a trend or about to start a trend and then just hit ‘BUY’ to follow the trend up or ‘SELL’ to follow it down. TrendRUNNER then scales you in to the position, protecting your downside risk which boosts your returns.


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Signals & Alerts

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Funded Traders

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