This is simply brilliant. I get my trade idas from signal providers. Over the years I’ve learned that their quality rises and falls with the markets and sometimes they are wrong more than half the time but by running my trades through TrendRUNNER I don’t have to worry. When my signal service is wrong my losses are kept to a minimum. I wish I’d found this years ago.

Steve, full-time trader


Trade the US open and let TrendRUNNER handle the rapid moves, scaling in to a winning position while limiting the downside risk if the market reverses.


For trend traders TrendRUNNER can be an almost ‘Fire & Forget’ tool. Set how many trade positions are desired to fit the trend projection or to reach full exposure during the trend, set the trailing stop distance and then execute the desired long or short strategy over any time frame from minutes to days.


Releases like FED data can cause the market to swing strongly. Taking a position via TrendRUNNER minimises the losses if caught on the wrong side.


Many traders receive trade signals from external sources. By using TrendRUNNER for these trades much of the risk from a bad signal can be minimised.

MT4 & MT5 Expert Advisors

EAs are valuable tools but as with any signal or alert system they are not infallible and executing these trade alerts via TrendRUNNER can reduce the number of trades needed to be correct to hit account profitability.


Prop Traders must work within key risk parameters that are set by the owners of the capital being used for trading. TrendRUNNER helps meet these risk and drawdown criteria by prudently scaling in to a position while cutting bad trades.


TrendRUNNER can work perfectly with a day trading strategy. The rapid cutting off of a bad trade for minimal loss when they occur and the speed at which good trades are scaled into and profits can be banked before instantly and simply starting again makes day trading more available as an option.


Many brokers don’t like scalping but the way in which TrendRUNNER can scale into a position from a very low exposure and cover with trailing stops can help a scalping strategy work much more efficiently.

I trade the FTSE100. With TrendRUNNER I will wait to see if the FTSE gaps on the open and then set it to start trading in the opposite direction as more often than not the index just pulls back through the morning.

James. FTSE trader

I use a black box but don’t autotrade as I want the final say on a trade. Putting that trade through my chosen settings on TrendRUNNER means that when I get it wrong the losses are so small as to not really matter.

Sunil, FX trader