TrendRUNNER – Limits risk & boosts potential

The most common and damaging loss on a trade is the loss that occurs at the beginning of a trade. It arises in the moments just after the position is opened when the market does not move as the trade predicted. All traders have loss making trades. It’s how those losses are managed and limited that is critical to healthy performance.


Those losses repeat and erode that positive performance from the good trades. Your signals only have to be right 50% of the time so long as what you lose on the bad trades is less than what you win. That’s the purpose of TrendRUNNER.


TrendRUNNER works to eliminate large losses by scaling you in to your desired position size only as the market moves in your favour. If the market moves against your trade in the opening moment then the booked losses are substantially reduced, giving your winning trades far more weight. Critically, during a trade, if the momentum looks to be failing then you can simply ‘bank’ current profits, the system resets and you can trade again when it looks to be bouncing or even reverse if it isn’t.


Trade any market.

Use with any signal, alert or trade idea.