Committed to keeping


Never lose more than your deposit

We offer the Negative Balance Protection. In the event your losses exceed your account balance, we will not seek to recover those losses from you.

We offer this to make you feel safer while you are trading with us. In addition, you are able to calculate in advance your maximum loss should the market move unexpectedly.

Regulation is key is a trading name of BUX Financial Services Limited Limited as well as ayondo portfolio management GmbH.

BUX Financial Services Limited Limited is authorised and regulated by the FCA and ayondo portfolio management GmbH is authorised and regulated by the German Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The FCA has very strict regulations about client money designed to protect both retail and professional clients, and we follow both the spirit and the letter of the regulations:

Segregated bank accounts

Client money is held in a segregated bank account, separate from BUX Financial Services Limited’s business account t/a, and only in reputable banks.

Segregation means that your money is kept separate from BUX Financial Services Limited’s own business money, in pooled client money bank accounts. These accounts are maintained with reputable banks and periodic reviews are carried out to make sure that these banks are in good financial condition.

BUX Financial Services Limited, t/a follows “normal approach” specified in CASS 7 of the FCA handbook. Under the normal approach, all client money is directly deposited into client money accounts with a bank as soon as possible. A daily internal reconciliation of client money is performed and shortages, if any, are transferred immediately from our own money.

All client money is held on deposit in Trust accounts with banks, so that any creditors of BUX Financial Services Limited would have no legal right to it nor can BUX Financial Services Limited use any of this money to cover its obligations, and is subject to controls and procedures required by the FCA.

Ever watchful

Daily internal reconciliations are performed to make sure that there are sufficient funds to pay our retail client liabilities, as and when requested. Regular client money reports are submitted to the FCA, proving our solvency. 

Furthermore, as we follow to the letter the FCA regulations, an annual client money audit is carried out by an independent audit firm. 

Highest levels of encryption and secure technologies

We use the highest levels of financial services security on all our software to protect you from attack and fraud. 

We constantly review our systems according to financial services industry best practice. We also review our systems against both current and projected security threats.