We offer access to a large range of global markets with tight spreads, fast execution and low minimum stake sizes.

We offer daily rolling bets on single cash stocks and daily cash indices.

A list of the single stocks and their respective spreads are shown below. The percentage spread is applied to the market bid and offer.

Country ShareType Spread
UK Blue Chip 0.1
UK Mid Cap 0.25
US Large Cap (Major Indices) 0.1
France Large Cap 0.1
Germany Large Cap 0.1
Germany Mid Cap 0.1
Germany Small Cap 0.1
Netherlands Large Cap 0.1
Belgium Large Cap 0.1
Switzerland Large Cap 0.1
Ireland Large Cap 0.1
Italy Large Cap 0.3
Spain Blue Chip 0.08
Spain Mid Cap 0.08
Portugal Blue Chip 0.12
Denmark(OMXc20) 0.1
Sweden 0.1


If a company you have shares in decides to distribute part of its profits to its shareholders, you will be included. Depending on the direction of your position, you will either receive the payment or need to pay. Read more about dividends in the Learn/Spread betting section under Corporate Actions.