CFD trading on shares allows you to speculate on the underlying movement of individual companies without taking ownership.

We offer thousands of global shares via our user friendly online trading platform. You may buy and sell meaning that you can speculate on falling as well as rising share prices.

We offer a wide selection of Daily Rolling bets and CFDs on single cash stocks. We also offer Daily Rolling bets and CFDs on Daily Cash Indices; please refer to the product table below for further information.


A list of the single stocks and their respective spreads are shown below. The percentage spread is applied to the market bid and offer.

CountryTypeSpread in %
UK Blue Chip 0.1
UK Mid Cap 0.25
US Large Cap (Major Indices) 0.1
France Large Cap 0.1
Germany Large Cap 0.1
Germany Mid Cap 0.1
Germany Small Cap 0.1
Netherlands Large Cap 0.1
Belgium Large Cap 0.1
Switzerland Large Cap 0.1
Ireland Large Cap 0.1
Italy Large Cap 0.3
Spain Blue Chip 0.08
Spain Mid Cap 0.08
Portugal Blue Chip 0.08
Denmark(OMXc20)   0.1
Sweden   0.1
Hong Kong (Hang Seng)   0.35
Hong Kong other   0.35
Singapore (MSCI)   0.3
Singapore other   0.3

Trading Example

You believe that Barclays is undervalued and want to buy. At the time our quote is 204.53/205.32 and so you buy 1,000 shares at 205.32.

One month later and Barclays has risen in value and our price is now 230.00/230.79. You decide to take your profit and so sell at 230.00.

Your profit is 230.00 – 205.32 = 24.68 points x 1,000 = £246.80 profit.