General Product Info

To view the majority of information associated with a product, access TradeHub and click the product name from the Watchlist, the product name from the Open Positions and Orders window or the ‘More Info’ button located in the Product Search. Below is a brief summary of each information field contained within the product information.

Asset Type

The type of product you are viewing.

Trading Hours

The times during which trades and orders may be executed.

Base Margin Rate/
Base Leverage

The minimum margin rate/maximum leverage for the product.


Margin Buffer

An additional margin parameter that factors in the likelihood and effect of slippage in relation to non-guaranteed stop loss orders.

Last Dealing/Rolling Time

The last time at which a trade or order on a market may be placed


Minimum Trade Size

The minimum trade/stake size per order. In some instances, limitations may exist whereby shorting/selling is restricted.

Maximum Trade Size

The maximum trade/stake size per order. In some instances, limitations may exist whereby shorting/selling is restricted.

Per Unit

The price incremental movement for the product.

Per Unit Equals

The value of one unit in the asset currency per one CFD traded.

Contract Size

The notional amount in the first name currency that one CFD is equal to

Guaranteed Stop Maximum Size

Guaranteed stop losses are offered on many products. Guaranteed Stop losses are free and protect against adverse movement in the underlying market by closing out an open trade at a level specified. The GSMS value represents the maximum trade size that is eligible for guarantee.

Please note that there may also be certain time restrictions in place (for example, stop losses are not eligible for guarantee when placed or moved closer to the current market price outside of market trading hours).

If a product is eligible and has a corresponding GSMS value of 50, any stop loss below (and including) a trade/stake size of 50 will be filled at its exact level, providing that all other qualifying conditions are met. All other stops are non-guaranteed and subject to slippage.

Settlement Information

The price and time basis by which a fixed expiry contract is settled upon expiration.

Session Refresh Time

The time when the High, Low, Price/Percentage change information is reset for a product.

Quotation Cycle

The available traded months for the product.


As part of our commitment to complete transparency and to empower clients, we pass on 100% of the announced dividend net of withholding tax, if any. We have also made a lot of effort to get favourable tax treatment on dividends and pass on all these benefits to you.

Many of our competitors do not pass on the full dividend to clients for long positions but we do.

For long positions in UK companies, you will receive 100% of the announced dividend declared by the UK Company.

For non UK companies, the dividend may be subject to withholding tax. For example, if you have a position in US stock, the announced dividend is subject to 30% withholding tax. Being a UK resident firm, we claim a 15% tax benefit, which we pass on to you and therefore, you will be credited 85% of the announced dividends rather than 70%.

Please see the table below for a full list of credits and debits by country.

Country of IssueCredit AmountDebit Amount
UK 100% 100%
Germany 73.625% 100%
US 85% 100%
Switzerland 65% 100%
Italy 80% 100%
Ireland 80% 100%
Sweden 70% 100%
France 70% 100%
Netherlands 85% 100%
Belgium 75% 100%
Portugal 70% 100%
Spain 79% 100%

General Notes on Product Information

(a) All information provided is correct at the time of printing. We reserve the right to amend any specific details as required and without notification.

(b) All times are stated in United Kingdom local time.

(c) We may amend our trading hours from time to time. For example, our trading hours may vary as a result of public holidays (UK or elsewhere) and a variation in the trading hours of the underlying exchange product. Please contact Client Services for further information.